Selling your home fast may seem daunting at first, but rest assured we take the pain out of selling your home and make it easy, fast, and hassle-free. You won’t even have to clean your home. That’s where we come in. Within 14 days or less, you will have cash in your hands and a big burden off your back. Let’s take a look at how this process works so that we can get started in helping you.

Step 1- Let’s Talk

Tell us about your property. This step is quick, easy and free. This step can be done over the phone at your convenience. 

Step 2 – Quick Appointment

An appointment will only be scheduled if your house meets our criteria. We are a local company in Pinellas County, so that means we will go over the details in person with you. You contacted us to take away the stress and get your house sold fast, with cash in your hands. We know your time is valuable so there will be no lengthy meetings nor long term obligations. 

Step 3 – We Present The Offer

We will give you a no-obligation offer to consider. This offer will be fair, and in writing for your consideration.  This offer will be made within 24-48 hours. We will be clear and concise and ready to discuss any questions you may have about the offer. 

Step 4 – We Close Fast

We use a local, reputable title company to get cash in your hands in as little as 14 days. 

Time Frame

Once we get your information we can have a check in your hands within the week. So that means from the time we get your information to closing, your house could be sold and your problem solved within 14 days. The whole process from initial conversation to cash in your hands can happen all in one day! Our goal is to have cash in your hands quickly.

Wait, Is This Too Good To Be True? How Is This Possible?

At We Buy Homes Pinellas, we buy houses in and around the Pinellas County area (in other areas too). We don’t list or market your house, we buy houses directly from you. Because of this, we can buy your house and pay you cash quickly or on your schedule. 

No Fees

When you work with us, you do not pay any fees. When selling a house the traditional way with a middle man or realtor with lots of fees are where you lose money.  Agents need money too, but with us, you will not need an agent because we deal directly with you. With We Buy Homes Pinellas you are selling directly to the buyer, which is us. 

No Cleaning

One of customers favorite aspects of We Buy Homes Pinellas, is that we buy your house as-is. That means you don’t have to clean it or pay someone to fix it up. We don’t care how beautiful or ugly the condition is. We buy houses in any condition.

Our Profit

We want to be honest and upfront on why we are buying your home from you and how we will benefit. Our profit comes after we sell your home, after we restore it and make it ready for the market. That includes the repairs we pay for, cleaning and our selling costs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

My house needs major repairs. Should I go ahead and get things fixed first?

Absolutely not. We are here to take your house off your hands from the condition it is in. Once we get the information from you and schedule a meeting, we are already planning on fixing up what needs to be fixed. That means that the big hole in the drywall dining room wall that the dog ran through, is nothing you need to worry about anymore. We have contractors that we work with that will fix that before we list your home for sale.  Remember we are here to take your house off your hands quickly in any condition that it is in. 

How do you determine the offer amount that you will present to me?

We look at a wide range of information and figure out how much we could realistically resell the house for once we buy it and fix it up. Some of that information includes the location compared to other houses sold in the same area, and how much we will spend to fix repairs and often times remodel it.  We also have selling costs that must be subtracted from our profit so we take that into consideration also. We promise a fair deal to you. 

It seems that there are always hidden fees when doing business. Are there any fees at all that I need to be aware of?

There are no fees for you. Zero. Zilch. The offer we will present to you is our cash offer, for your house as-is. No hidden fees whatsoever will be added on.

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