It’s normal and good to have questions when selling your home. Take a look at some frequently asked questions below. Your question may be similar to those already asked. If you have a different question or would like us to go into more detail about one of these questions, please contact us. We are here to make this process simple and as straight forward as possible.

Q: Are you a real estate agent?

We are not real estate agents. Real estate agents list or market properties already for sale, in the hopes that a buyer will purchase the listed property. When the home is sold, the agent gets a profit from the sale called commission. The average waiting time for a property to sell when using a real estate agent’s service is 6 to 12 months and the average commission made is 3-6% of the sale price of your house. We are different from a real estate agent because we are a home buyer. We buy your home directly, make repairs and then market the house. What this means for you, is quick cash and less hassle and a quick turnaround.

Q: Am I under any obligation during this process?

You are under ZERO Obligation at any time. We make a cash offer and you decide if you will accept. It really is that simple. There are no hidden fees and there is no obligation. You decide if you accept our cash offer. If you don’t, we will not hassle you. Selling your home is a big decision and we respect your choice. 

Q: Do you plan on listing my home on the MLS?

We do not list houses on the MLS because we are not Real Estate Agents. Instead, we are professional home buyers. Our plan is to buy homes, make repairs and then resell homes directly to homeowners or keep the property and use it as a rental. 

Q: Why should I choose We Buy Homes Pinellas?

First and foremost, we are honest and straightforward. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and making sure we treat them fairly (frankly we would not sleep well at night if we didn’t) We also are a locally operated company here in Pinellas County which means that we are able to meet face to face with you. We are not some faceless organization looking to make a quick buck. A big reason to choose us is that we strive to make this process fast, and hassle-free and fair. Customers who contact us want money in their pockets quickly, and that’s where we deliver. 

Q: Why not simply contact a real estate agent?

The biggest reason that customers choose us is how fast their house sells. If your house meets our criteria, you will have cash in your pocket (Sometimes we can make this happen in a day). If you are willing to wait longer to sell your home, fix and repair it, clean it and then allow walk throughs, you may wish to go with an agent. The average wait time to sell a home with a real estate agent is 6-12 months, sometimes longer. Remember, that we buy houses, so if your house meets our criteria, your home will sell quickly because we buy directly from you. 

Q: Do I need to clean before moving out?

You do not have to clean at all. (Read that line several times if you need to) We will not judge and we don’t care how dirty or messy your place is (trust us, we have seen it all) We do all the cleaning repairs anyway before we sell. Just take what you want with you, and leave the rest to us. 

Q: Will I receive a fair price for my house?

You will receive a fair price because we take care of all the repairs, upgrades, cleaning and closing costs. You get to walk away with cash in hand without lifting a finger besides signing on the dotted line. Let’s talk and see if we can get you a good deal. People choose us because they want to sell their house fast and walk away with cash. Our plan is to sell your house for more than we bought it for, once we fix it up. We provide a service that is appreciated by people wanting cash fast for their house and none of the headaches that can go along with listing it with a realtor.

Q: Will I receive a commission when you sell my house?

After we make you a cash offer on your house you can choose to either accept or reject. There are no commissions nor fees, just a simple cash offer. And that is the beauty of how we work, within a week, you will receive cash offer, if you choose to accept then the deal is done. You get to walk away from all the headaches of waiting for your house to sell. And most importantly you will have the cash in your pocket. There is no waiting on commissions. 

Q:Are you “house flippers” and if so what does that mean?

“Flipping” is a term that means buying a house, making repairs and marketing it for resale at a higher price than what was paid for it. Which is essentially what we do. We provide a service for people who want fast cash for their house without the hassle of getting it ready for selling to a buyer. We invest our own money to upgrade your house and market to a buyer. This means that the middleman, the real estate agent is left out of the equation. We become your buyer! You get to leave your house in as-is condition without the hassle of paying for repairs, cleaning or listing with an agent.

Q: Is your service right for me?

Many people find it a relief to receive a quick cash offer for their home. Often times clients that we get, come to us to sell a property quickly. If you don’t mind waiting amount for your house to sell, and if you have the time, money and energy to clean it and make repairs, you may want to go with a real estate agent. But only you can answer that. We provide a valuable service for those who want no hassle, fast cash and the burden of selling a home gone. 

Q: How fast can you buy my house?

Ultimately that is up to you. We have closed houses Within 24 hours of the initial conversation, if your house meets our criteria, we will have a cash offer for you. Within 7 days or sometimes even just 1 day, you can plan on your house closing. 

Q: My house is in foreclosure, will you still buy my house?

If your house is in foreclosure, allow us to pay it off for you. Foreclosure can be a stressful time for any homeowner. Consider allowing us to remove this burden for you. 

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